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Explora Atacama : the art of travel

is an enterprise founded to encourage a new attitude towards travel in remote regions of the Southern tip of South America.we love nature and enjoy liberty;we suggest a philosophy of travel born out of the desire to explore the natural and cultural environment of the remote ,for ourselves
and our guest.we look for unforgettable experiences,achieved to the best possibilities of every person,respecting each others limits and preserving the environment.
We open privileged natural territories.we have the necessary training to organize explorations,with a spirit of adventure and attention to security.
Our hotels are sophisticated to assure the enjoyment of the pleasures of life.for us,the world is still a pleasant place,with magic and mystery.

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If you reserve Explora Atacama Package,you will get 2 free nights
at the Crown Plaza, Plaza San Francisco or Sheraton in Santiago.
Explora Atacama
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Explora Atacama

The Atacama desert is a vast expanse of salt flats, gravel plains, eroded valleys, turquoise lakes, powerful geysers and thermal springs. explora ATACAMA is hidden in a shady oasis at San Pedro de Atacama. A blend of modern South American style and traditional Andean influences has produced a hotel characterized by bold architecture and strong colors. The 52 bedrooms are comfortable and cool, and the en suite bathrooms well supplied with exotic lotions to enjoy in a spa bath or under the largest showerheads known to man.

Explora Atacama:

It is located in San Pedro de Atacama at the AYLLU DE LARACHE


Explora Atacama 5 nights                                                                      

Explora Atacama 9 nights                                                                       

Getting There
Take an international flight to Santiago, Chile (SCL), followed by a 2 1/2 hour
flight from SCL to Calama (CJC). explora will transport guests, via a
one hour van ride, to explora ENATACAMA.

In Atacama all months are vibrant
The climate is magnificent throughout the year, with more than 90%
of the days being radiant. During winter (June, July and August) the average
daytime temperature varies between 9ºC (48ºF) and 24ºC (75ºF); days
are very pleasant, inviting you to lay in the sun’s corridors.
In summer (January, February and March) the average daytime
temperature fluctuates between 13ºC (55ºF) and 25ºC (77ºF),
reaching maximums of 32ºC (90ºF): a warmer climate inviting you to
a good "siesta" before the evening explorations begin.
Between January and March, the so called Altiplanic Winter comes
with occasional showers.

San Pedro de Atacama is 2,443 meters (8,015 feet) above sea level.
Some of the explorations may take you to over 4,000 meters (13,123 feet) for
a short while. If you select to go up the peaks you will find yourself
between 5,500 and 6,100 meters (18,044 and 20,013 feet).

Best Time to Visit
Year round

Built on the Ayllú (neighborhood) de Larache in San Pedro de Atacama, the
hotel develops along a main building and three patios. Rooms are lined up
with corridors opening to a patio. Corridors meet in the main building,
crossed by two ample passages: the Pasaje de la Luz and the Pasaje del
The architecture evokes, from the materials used in its construction
together with its form, the suggestions made by the nature and cultures of the
area. The hotel assures hospitable refuge inviting to enjoy in freedom and
security. More than a home, the hotel is an experience, an open balcony
towards the surrounding beauty.

Explora Accomodations
50 luxury rooms, of 33 m2 (335.2 square feet), jacuzzi and sitting area.
Each room has marvelous wood and tile accents, fabulous linens, custom designed
furnishings and spectacular views.

Explora Services
· Dining room serving exceptional
· Cuisine
· Bar
· Room service
· Gift shop featuring explora apparel and local crafts
· In-room telephones with national and international direct dialing service
· Game room equipped with videosand laser discs
· Laundry service
· Library
· Art gallery featuring Atacama Indian artcrafts
· Quiet sitting areas inside, on outdoor verandahs and patios
· Four connected outdoor pools
· Sauna
· Massage service
· Private stables
· Meeting room
· Lockers: there is a locker for every room at the entrance of the hotel
· Internet available

Each day explora Atacama guests can join a variety of explorations which have been
carefully created. Every day you can choose from 8 to 10 different options
specifically selected according to the weather, the guest desires, the duration
and the level of difficulty. Walking, horseback riding, in a van or by bicycle
and accompanied by guides, you can explore with emotion the nature or the
history of Atacama.

(2,400 - 3,000 mts)
• The quebradas
• Cordillera de la Sal
• El Hojalar
• Kamur
• Atacama culture
• Cuchabrache heights
(3,000 - 4,000 mts)
• Las Apachetas
• Quebrada de Jere
• Río Grande
• Caspana / Chiu Chiu
(4,000 - 5,000 mts)
• Miscanti heights
• Quebrada de Nacimiento
• Copa Coya
• Ruta del Agua
High mountain climbing:

(5,000 - 6,000 mts)
• Cerro Toco (5,604 mts)
• Volcán Láscar (5,591 mts)
• Volcán Sairecabur (6,010 mts)
• Volcán Colorado (5,748 mts)
• Volcán Licancabur (5,916 mts)
Horseback riding:
• Cucuter
• Las Cornisas
• Quebrada del Diablo
• Catarpe ¤ Vilama
• Río Salado
• Valle de Quitor
• Dunas de la Chula
• Beter / Tulor

By bycicle:
• Ruta de los miradores
• Laguna Sejas
• Circuito de los valles
• Putana to Guatín descent

Trips through Atacama:
• Salar de Aguas Calientes
• Salar de Tara
• Journey along atacaman villages
• Nomads journey


Explora Atacama Rates


Rates Valid Until March , 2013  / Price per Person - usd
4 Days / 3 Nights 5 Days / 4 Nights
Room Single Double Single Double
Tulur 2.760 1.980 3.680


Yali 2.970 2.190 3.960 2.920.
Suite Catur 4.170 3.090 5.560 4.120
Price includes: SIB TRF Calama Airport / Explora Atacama Lodge, Accommodation, Full board, Bilingual guides, daily excursions, vehicles and meals during excursions, SIB TRF Lodge / Calama Airport
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Rates Valid Until March , 2013 / Price per Person - usd
4 Days / 3 Nights 5 Days / 4 Nights
from 12/18 Years Old 1.200


Child in Additional Bed 825 1.100
Family Rates for youths (under 18 years old) are subject to . Those under 18 use a separate room but this does not apply to Single Ocupancy. Additional bed for children (under 12 years old) in the same room as the parents. Max 1 additional bed per room.
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